• TEAM GP has had a great trajectory of advertising support by Canel’s allowing it to achieve both victories and titles throughout Mexico.   The decision was made to form Canel’s own professional team, entirely devoted to Sports car racing, on August 10, 1996, the day that TEAM GP was born.

    TEAM GP is currently considered one of the best teams of Sports car racing thanks to the work of its directors during more than two decades of work seeking excellence year after year within the national Sports car racing.

    In the last years, Team GP has not only raced cars, but has been also considered as the best in preparing motors for competition, thanks to the sophisticated equipment in their facilities and the excellent personalized attention of its Director, Ramiro Fidalgo, who, since his arrival in 2003, has maintained TEAM GP at the top levels.

    TEAM GP has had the presence of many brands throughout these years, but CANELS’ has been the main one and has not stopped supporting the sports car racing a single year, both in our country and abroad.  A few of the other brands that have been present are Scotiabank, Mazda, LuK, Lotus Watches, Home Depot, Telcel, Tekmol,  and Roshfrans.

    Throughout this long journey of the Potosí car racing Team, a great number of victories have been achieved, placing the Team as one of the best of the history.  Just to mention a few:

    1990 F2 Sub Championship.
    1991 Super Formula Individual and Team Champion.
    1993 F2 Team Champion, Third place, Individual Sub-Champion and Rookie of the Year.
    1994 F2 Individual and Team Champion.
    1995 F2 Individual and Team Sub Championship.
    1999 F3 Individual and Team Champion.
    Oscar Hidalgo and Allen Berg”.
    2001 Mustang Champion, Rookie of the Year and Team Champion.
    Freddy Tame and Pepe Garfias”.
    2002 Mustang Team Champion, Rookie of the Year and Third Place.
    “Freddy Tame and Fernando Plata”.
    2003 Mustang Team Champion, 2nd and 3rd Places.
    Jorge Goeters and Fernando Plata”.
    2004 Corona Challenge 3rd and 4th Places.
    Jorge Goeters and Fernando Plata”.
    2005 Corona Challenge Individual and Team Champion.
    Jorge Goeters and Patrick Goeters”.
    2006 Corona Challenge 2nd and 5th Places.
    Rubén García Novoa and Freddy Tame
    2007 NASCAR Corona Series Individual Champion.
    Rafael Martínez”.
    2008 NASCAR Corona Series Third Place.
    Rafael Martínez”.
    2009 NASCAR Corona Series Third Place.
    Jorge Goeters”.
    2010 NASCAR Corona Series Third Place.
    Rafael Martínez”.
    2011 NASCAR Corona Series Third Place.
    Jorge Goeters”

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